An Argument Against Free-Range Parenting

View image | This is a real conversation that just took place between me and Scott (my boyfriend of 8 years) upon spying a couple of young neighborhood boys playing rough in their yard without a grown-up around. I was a little concerned. He wasn’t.: Scott: “Do you know what your kids don’t get today? I […]

11 Funniest Parents on Facebook This week!

In case you missed it – here are last week’s picks for’s 11 Funniest Parents on Facebook! You’ll find some funny people you may already know and love and some brand new faces. Particularly psyched to discover Hedger Humor. Thanks goes out to Peyton Price of Suburban Haiku for introducing me to this funny chick. […]

Funniest Parents On Facebook This Week

Parents are funny. Especially on Facebook. And in case you’ve been closing your computers early on weekends and missing out on my weekly Friday round-ups of “The Funniest Posts on Facebook by Parents” for, I’m clueing you in now. And they make me feel SO good (and so much better about my own parenting) every week. This […]

My Teen – The Orphan

“Mom?” “MOM?” “MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!” “Yes?” I finally said, after adhering to my 3 call rule. A rule which allows me to ignore my child until they’ve called me at least 3 times, thus insuring that they’re actually vested in whatever it is they’re demanding in the moment. Which of your ovaries did I come from?!” Izzy […]

Blogger’s Kids Read Mean Comments

I LOVE Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.” It’s genius. The truth is the internet can be a nasty place. Comments that no normal person would EVER say to another human being suddenly seem fine because they’re spewed from behind the anonymity of a computer screen. In the online world, we call these people trolls and let me just say, celebrities aren’t […]

Hamsters Snore

Hamsters snore. Who knew? I gotta tell you. I was skeptical. I stared at our little Waldo for a solid 5 minutes trying to figure out if it was actual snoring or some kind of rodent “death throe.” Alas (and relievedly so) it was not. I couple gentle scratches to his head confirmed this. But I got a […]

Bill Cosby Bought Me Shoes

I posted a story a few months ago when claims of sexual assault started pouring in against Bill Cosby. At the time, I didn’t want to believe these stories and I told my own as a way of respectfully dissecting what I was hearing. When I posted it, I got tons of responses I hadn’t expected. Outside perspectives on […]


Dear Parent Who Doesn’t Vaccinate; Enough. This isn’t cute anymore. You’ve taken down Disneyland, and possibly Chicago, something even Capone couldn’t do. It’s not chic, it’s not hip and it’s the exact opposite of that great parenting to which you swear you’re so committed. You’re putting your children and everyone else’s at risk (YES, my child can be at risk because […]